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[Джеминовый маньяк] [OT5 и ниипёт! ©]
[про это] Though the fan wailings over Changmin's loss of innocence is pure gold. He's lived with Kim Jae Joong for over six years, kids, his innocence was gone eons ago. It probably disappeared right about the time they decided strip poker was an appropriate group bonding ritual. © dahchi

[про это] --- says (23:45):
Need some direction in your life or simply want to show your love for Dong Bang Shin Ki's Hero? You can use this neon light stick to fulfill your needs. This stick is 20 cm long.


cause i do want to show my love for jae
and I need to fulfill my needs too
is that an invitation to be creative with those sticks or what? Dx

and they have a whole line
with every shape and for every kink

Jae's, with the two stylish "J"s...simple enough but with a fun twist, in case you want to try something new!

Min's, simple and elegant, for the newbies who aren't used to eccentric shapes, but who still want to bring their pleasure to the MAX

Chun's, for those with a micky mouse fetish (can be used by a experimentative couple, too)

Junsu's, whose interesting shape is perfect for couples who want to try something different and that are flexible enough!

and finally Yunho's, perfect for S&M lovers...the star-shaped stick will definitely add a twist to every S&M scenario!

we accept mail orders
act soon, it's a limited offer!!!!
first 50 buyers get signed pics of the boys trying them out!!!

--- (15:03:56 26/10/2007)
ЧжДж одназначно курит "план" Путина

--- (00:04:53 9/12/2007)
при виде чан мина я буду кричать ЧАН МИИИИИИИИИИН СДЕЛАЙ МЕНЯ СВОЕЙ ЕЛКОЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙ!!!!!!!!!

(about food-obsessed!min in fics)
--- сообщает (0:37):
Min is like, one of the smartest and snarkiest and most fascinating people in the universe and they write him like a naive fridge-loving little idiot

--- сообщает (16:27):
I DEARLY HOPE NOT. DX (and what would it be doing? Watch YooMin going at it like rabbits and ponder about the mysteries of human nature?)

--- сообщает (16:42):
And how should that be? YooMin smexing told from the turtle's POV? *dies*

[---] says (12:19):
i hate OOC with all my heart
[--- says (12:19):
i don't want your random stories where characters happen to be called jaejoong and yunho
[---] says (12:20):
(i don't mean YOUR, of course)
[---] says (12:20):
i love when fanfics help me develop my understanding of the real boys, that's why i read them in the first place
[---] says (12:20):
smut is nice, but it's secondary

[---] says (22:51):
you know, what i think?
the reason why most authors forget about lube is because they've never had anal sex! *angelic face*

---1 says (16:34):
---2 says (16:34):
what is PB?
in this context
---2 says (16:35):
ah, right. photobucket
---1 says (16:35):
no wait. Ponjour Baris~

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2008-04-03 в 04:13 

jikook trash
я тоже уже как-то хихикала над этими "стиками", но на такое моей фантазии не хватило бы)))
поржал, спасибо)))

2008-04-03 в 13:47 

По сути всем всё равно. Жизнь - то твоя.
был вибратор HELLO KITTY с этой самой Китти вместе головки

2008-04-03 в 14:41 

[Джеминовый маньяк] [OT5 и ниипёт! ©]
kaori hayashi

Страсти какие рассказываешь!! xD

2008-04-03 в 14:43 

По сути всем всё равно. Жизнь - то твоя.
katzk~ а вот эти стики? они по длине такие же как у оригинала?
а на Юновском СуМан даж наверное штамп одобрено сам поставил!